The good, the bad and the ugly truths about porn filters

Comment piece by LGBTory officer, Zoe Kirk-Robinson -The introduction of the UK's new Internet filters by a range of ISPs has resulted in numerous problems. While all the problems were predicted the day the filters were first announced (and also the day the previous idea of filters was announced), the resultant outrage has to a great extent prevented discussion of the most important question: are filters of any kind actually necessary?

Tower Hamlets councillor fights for local gay venue.

Cllr Peter Golds of Tower Hamlets Council is fighting to save the White Swan pub, a popular local gay and lesbian venue, from being categorised as a 'sex venue' by Tower Hamlets Mayor, Lutfur Rahman.  In response, Cllr Golds has proposed a motion to the local Council.

Opinion - Should the UK boycott the Winter Olympics in Russia?

Peter Golds is a Tower Hamlets Councillor, Arsenal Season Ticket Holder and a Member of the Gay Football Supporters Network.  In this piece, he explains why he believes a boycott of the Russian Olympics would be the wrong action to take.

The Hate Campaign Against Transgendered People Must End

The 21st of March was not a good day for transgendered rights in the UK. It began with the publication of the Press Complaints Commission's decision regarding Julie Burchill's vile attack against the trans community, only to be quickly followed by the news that a primary school teacher had died after a prolonged campaign of transphobic hate.

Opinion: Freedom of Speech Is Not Freedom To Hate

The media rarely reports on the affairs of the transgendered community unless it can poke fun at it, or show up how doctors are flouting the rules to give more people what the Sun loves to call “sex swap ops”. BBC comedy loves to run “ladyboy” jokes, and the Guardian gets in a vicious attack on transsexual people whenever it can. Which brings us to the events of the last seven days.When the news broke that Dr Richard Curtis faced investigation by the GMC for failing to get the second opinion of a psychiatrist before referring some of his patients for surgery, several newspapers ran with the story. That same day, Cambridge Councillor Sarah Brown began a Twitter discussion charting the thousands of cases of mistreatment and outright abuse of transgendered people by the medical profession, under the hashtag #TransDocFail.No newspaper covered this.