LGBT+ Conservatives Literature

LGBT+ Conservatives produces regular newsletters, both online and in paper format.  Our online newsletter can be subscribed to by adding your email address from our home page.

We also produce literature on different areas of LGBT concern which is used for educational and informative purposes at pride events, Party conferences and other such things, all of which is available below.

Furthermore, the lobbying letters and cards LGBT+ Conservatives sent to every Conservative MP and Peer throughout the passage of the Marriage (same sex couples) Bill and some Conservative Party and Government documents of LGBT interest are also available for downloading or viewing here.


Attachment Size
Why Conservatives should take part in pride leaflet 255.77 KB
Conservative Party LGBT Achievements leaflet 259.2 KB
Conservative Party LGBT Achievements leaflet - Print Resolution 1.18 MB
Risograph Leaflet - Summer 2015 - English 582.72 KB
Risograph Leaflet - Summer 2015 - Welsh 581.1 KB
Roger Helmer’s Little Pink Book - Homophobic quotations from UKIPs would-be MP for Newark 970.13 KB
Report to the Consultation on the Spousal Veto 92.26 KB