Speeches in Parliament

Lord Cope - "With our average age, I do not think that we are the better judges"

In his speech on the Marriage (same sex couples) Bill, Conservative peer Lord Cope of Berkeley stressed the importance of allowing the Bill proceed past 2nd Reading and to Committee Stage, commenting on whether the Commons or Lords are the better judges, "with our average age, I do not think that we are the better judges".  Read his words in full here.

Why deny the privilege of marriage? asks Baroness Noakes

At the start of the 2nd Reading of the Marriage (same sex couples) Bill in the House of Lords, the first speaker was Conservative peer, Baroness Noakes who questioned why anyone would want to deny marriage to a loving couple.  Her full speech can be read here.

Equal Marriage "would be a net gain" says Lord Courtown

Conservative hereditary peer, the Earl of Courtown, while speaking to support the Marriage (same sex couples) Bill, said that he rose to say one things - that "by voting in favour of the Bill we would be gaining something while losing nothing".  Read all his words at 2nd Reading stage here.

Do I want to vote against this Bill? Yes. Should I? No. Baroness Berridge

In her speech on the Marriage (same sex couples) Bill, Baroness Berridge explains that she has serious misgivings about the legislation.  However, as an unelected peer and when the elected House has voted so decisively in favour on this matter she concludes that, even though she believes amendments are needed, she cannot vote against the Bill.  Read her full speech here.