Candidates' Fund

Support lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans candidates representing the Conservative Party

Openly gay Conservative candidates fighting for really winnable seats. They’re Conservatives selected by the grassroots, and I’m proud of how they show we have changed.
David Cameron, Former Prime Minister 

The Conservative Party has a proud record of more “out” MPs than all the other political parties. We want to ensure even more LGBT candidates represent us in elections, and have established a campaign fund to support them.

Money raised will go into a separate account, and will be used exclusively to provide the financial support our candidates need to spread the Conservative message in their constituencies. Your donation will help them hold and win seats and ensure that we have great representatives who are backed, not only by the LGBT community, but also by local activists and, ultimately, voters.

At the 2015 General Election, we supported 19 candidates including Stuart Andrew, Ben Howlett and Iain Stewart who were elected to parliament. In the 2016 Scottish Parliament elections we supported 6 candidates including Ruth Davidson, Annie Wells and Ross Thomson who were returned to Holyrood

To donate to the fund and to support candidates in the 2017 Mayoral Elections and beyond please click below. 

To comply with Electoral Commission Rules we require your name and address, and for larger donations you may need to be a UK voter. Donations are made to LGBT+ Conservatives and kept in a separate bank account solely for the use of the LGBT+ Conservatives Candidates' Fund.


Candidates wishing to apply for funding must be:

  • A member of the Conservative Party
  • A Member or Patron of LGBT+ Conservatives
  • Standing for election in an eligible election
  • Identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans and be willing to be indentified as such

For further criteria please see the LGBT+ Conservatives Candidates' Fund Guidelines.  To apply to the fund, please complete the Application Form.

Applications for funding for the 2017 mayoral elections for the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, North East Combined Authority, Sheffield City Region Combined Authority, Tees Valley Combined Authority and West Midlands Combined Authority are currently open. Please note that the Candidates' Fund is not open to council candidates.