Prime Minister's Message for Pride in London 2015

The LGBT+ rights movement has been a great force for reform not just in the UK but also around the world. It has campaigned for decency, respect and equal treatment; and underlying it all were simple demands: that people should be able to love and live equally with someone of the same sex, that people should be respected and valued for who they are, able to live safely and fulfil their potential.

I Kissed A Tory, And I Liked It!

We have seen huge leaps forward in gay rights, but Gay Pride remains as relevant as ever, meaning something different to all those that take part or march. Last year more than 750,000 people came to Pride in London, and 30,000 people joined the parade itself. We support every Pride event we can to make sure attendance is high and a Conservative voice is represented.LGBTory will once again be proudly march on behalf of the Conservatives across the country, taking great pride in the achievements of the Conservative Party over the last 5 years. Equal marriage, homophobic bullying confronted head on, and a clear international voice spoken against continued homophobic discrimination around the world, to name but a few.

Conservative Party Manifesto

Regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, the Conservative Party’s long commitment to equality of opportunity is absolute.  The Conservative Party has put LGBT people at the heart of our manifesto; there is no separate LGBT manifesto, just a plan that works for everyone.

16 days to go

The Conservative Party is fielding more LGBT candidates in the General Election than either Labour or the Liberal Democrats.

In order to ensure a Conservative victory on May 7th and to maintain the Conservative Party's proud record of having more out MPs than all the other parties put together, please consider supporting the following candidates in key attack and defensive seats.

Get in touch about campaigning via telephone or e-mail with our 7 for May 7th using the details below.

Our candidates are spread across 7 regions of the UK (Yorkshire and the Humber, London, West Midlands, North West England, South East England, South West England and East Midlands) so please get in touch with your local candidate.

For other LGBT Conservative candidates see here.

£8,000 raised to support LGBT candidates

LGBTory is working hard to encourage and support candidates from our community to stand as elected representatives, both through campaign days and financial support. LGBT people are still under-represented across all of our assemblies and parliaments, and the Conservative Party as a party of inclusion, is committed to helping them overcome any barriers to standing. Indeed, with 38 LGBT candidates, the Conservative party is leading the way.

Transgender Day of Remembrance

The Transgender Day of Remembrance is the day we take a moment to remember all those who have died as a result of continuing prejudice and violent transphobia, both here in Britain and around the world.

LGBTory Launches Candidates' Fund

 At the Conservatives' annual conference today, LGBTory, the party's LGBT group, will launch a dedicated fund to support LGBT candidates.  The Conservative Party has more "out" MPs than all the other parties put together. With less than a year to the General Election, the fund will support a new generation of candidates in their bids to win seats in May.

LGBTory at Conference: LGBT rights in the world?

LGBTory’s first fringe meeting at the Conservative Party Conference was organised in co-operation with the Kaleidoscope Trust, a charity supporting LGBT rights internationally. The panel discussion asked the question “What should the next government do for LGBT rights in the world?” and was chaired by LGBTory’s Colm Howard-Lloyd.

LGBTory at Conservative Conference 2014

As well as our usual curry night to kick-off conference we have our most extensive fringe programme to-date.  The Party will also be hosting Conference Pride with guest speaker and LGBTory Patron Christopher Biggins.