LGBTory News

LGBT History Month

Today marks the end of the annual LGBT History Month, a chance to reflect and celebrate the achievements in the advancement of LGBT+ rights. 

Join us for our first General Election 2017 campaign day

The Prime Minister has announced her intention to call a General Election for 8 June. This election will be a choice is between strong and stable leadership in the national interest with Theresa May and the Conservatives – or weak and unstable coalition government led by Jeremy Corbyn.

Find out more about becoming a councillor

The CCHQ Outreach department is running an event in conjunction with the Conservative Councillors Association on ‘How to be a Councillor’. The event will help inform and develop individuals and groups for local elections and beyond.

Conservative Party Conference 2016

Our conference events programme is our largest yet, with events on International LGBT Rights, Building a Better Britain and Youth Engagement. You can also enjoy our Conference Curry and Conference Pride.

Conservative Party Code of Conduct for the leadership and management of volunteers

As one of the UK’s largest voluntary organisations, and one which plays a central and active role in the good governance of the nation, the Conservative Party prides itself on being an open and inclusive body in which anyone who works or volunteers for the Party can play a fulfilling and active role free of any unwanted and/or unwelcome behaviour towards them including, but not limited to, bullying, discrimination, harassment and/or victimisation of any sort.

Birmingham Pride

Today we were in the sunny West Midlands for one of the first Pride's of the season, Birmingham Pride! Joined by lots of LGBTory members, we marched through the streets of Birmingham to show that we are 'Conservative and Proud!'. The people of Birmingham were warm and welcoming and there was a a real celebratory feel. 

Downing Street LGBT rights Reception

David Cameron has been a great support of LGBT rights, both domestically and abroad. Last month he held a reception to celebrate achievements and advancements in LGBTory rights, but also talk about the future fights that had to be had.

LGBTory Candidates' Fund supports success in Scotland

The LGBTory Candidates' fund is our way of supporting out LGBT candidates get elected. We have awarded many thousands of pounds of funding in the last few years and will continue to do so with all profits we make from fundraising events and donations. 

LGBTI issues in the EU

Scottish Conservative MEP Ian Duncan has launched a leaflet highlighting his work on behalf of minority groups across Europe.