Conor Burns MP

Conor spent the first few years of his life in Belfast before his family moved to Hertfordshire in 1980.  After secondary school in St Albans Conor went to Southampton University where he studied  Modern History and Politics. Since graduation he has had a variety of jobs working in the communications and finance sectors. 

He was Company Secretary and Head of Business Development for successful information services company and later briefly ran the direct sales forces in the southern region of a large insurance company.  Most recently he has been working for a large private company on the south coast and is on the board of the Spitfire Tribute Foundation which is working to construct a permanent monument to the Spitfire in the city of its birth.

He collects biographical books and loves spending time exploring second hand book shops. A keen swimmer Conor regularly goes to the gym and also enjoys walking in the countryside. Conor also loves to watch snooker and despite the relentless mickey taking by his friends he goes up to Sheffield to watch some of the world championship each year.

Conor is also very involved in several charities and takes his commitment to these very seriously.  Conor is on the management team of a Home Start scheme that helps families struggling with the demands of everyday life.

Conor's Experience

Conor joined the Conservative party at the earliest age possible and became politically involved at school.  On arriving at University Conor got involved with the Southampton University Conservative Association becoming Chairman in 1992.  He was elected to Southampton City Council in 1999 taking what had previously been a safe Labour seat. He immediately became Housing and Urban Regeneration Spokesman.  His St Luke’s Ward was abolished and having become Group Leader he moved at the last minute to another ward. 

Having joined a Group of 3 Conor led the Conservatives to increase their numbers to 12 but narrowly failed to win re-election himself in 2002. He is proud to have laid the foundations for the Conservatives to have taken control of Southampton City Council in 2008.  Conor was selected to fight Eastleigh in 1999 and contested the 2001 and 2005 general elections. 

In 2005 Conor missed by 568 votes against LibDem Chris Huhne. During his time in Eastleigh Conor led campaigns against oil drilling near a primary school, against a major development area on flood plain land, to save allotments and for less infill development. 

The thing Conor most enjoys about politics is the opportunity it gives him to take up people’s problems and try to make a difference in their lives.