New Patrons join LGBT+ Conservatives


The Conservative Party has more out LGBT+ MPs than any other political party globally - a huge achievement. There are also many out LGBT+ councillors, MSPs, AMs, and directly elected Mayors. 

To recognise this growth, we took the decision to refresh and expand our Patrons. Our Patrons commit to: 

  • openly and visibly be an out LGBT+ parliamentarians to act as a role model for others;
  • support LGBT+ rights in our party, in parliament, in devolved institutions, and internationally;
  • support LGBT+ Conservative events and campaign days to help LGBT+ candidates;
  • encourage party members to join LGBT+ Conservatives.

In return, LGBT+ Conservatives as an organisation will support our Patrons through: 

  • our Candidates’ Fund financially;
  • local prides and campaign days; and
  • play our role as a strong voice within the Conservative Party for LGBT+ rights

You can find out more about our Patrons here: This will be updated as people accept our invitation to become a Patron.